10 Minute Abs

We all know that abs are made in the kitchen. Well, I’m here to disagree, slightly. Abs are revealed in the kitchen, but they’re sculpted in the gym. So here I have made a 10 minute abs sculpting workout for you to add on to any workout you’re currently enjoying…

The Army Girl's Guide to 10 minute abs

I’ve selected four moves that target all of the abdominals in different ways, including the deep Transverse Abdominis – vital to support good posture and a strong spine. My four moves of choice are:

Hanging Knee Raises – Great to improve grip strength as well, hanging knee raises will really strengthen your core. Slowly pull your knees up to your chest, and release down again under control. Be sure not to arch your back and swing your legs up during your reps.

L-Sit and Hold – This one’s a killer (see video for proof!). You are aiming to hold your legs up straight out in front of you for 10 seconds at a time. If it’s too much, try one leg at a time, slightly bend your legs, or lift and lower under control.

Decline Sit-Up – By adding the decline to the full sit-up you are fighting more against gravity and increasing the workload on your abdominals. Be warned – all these three exercises will have your hip flexors on fire too!

Pull-Up – Because we all know the pull up isn’t just to create a toned back and arms, right?! This one is great for the whole body, and particularly the core as you brace your Transverse Abdominis before pulling up to ensure you are in control. I’ve used a resistance band to give me assistance, but if you can do them without, then even better!

Do these exercise for 10 reps each. Then repeat the circuit 3 more times!

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If you want an idea of how each exercise looks in this 10 minute abs workout, check out the video below:

Not sure what you should be eating to reveal those hard sculpted abs? Check out my blog on what I eat in a week for some guidance and tips. And if you are a subscriber you can find my recipes and meal plan ebook in the free resource library : )

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