12 Days of Christmas Countdown Workout

The Army Girl's 12 days of Christmas home workout

For those of you who have been following my 3 weeks to festive fitness workout calendar, you will be aware that today you have a very special, Christmas themed workout! This workout requires no equipment and can be done anywhere, so leave the excuses at the door as you check yourself in for one hell of a workout.

As a personal trainer in Bahrain I can see that the festive season doesn’t pair well with staying fit and healthy… holidays away, amazing restaurants with delicious food and plenty of late nights mean it can be hard to even think about exercise, let alone do it. So I’ve made it easy for you… just copy me!

The instructions are pretty simple. Find your favourite playlist. Either choose your most motivation inducing tunes, or turn up the Christmas anthems to get yourself in the festive mood. Then be sure to do a 3 minute mobility warm up, as you have been doing for the other days… think skipping, jogging on the spot etc.

Then you are ready to watch the video and follow me. If you would rather not hear some bad attempts as singing then turn your music up a little louder (so you drown me out!), and try and stick to the pace I’m going. It’s not meant to be easy, but it is over quickly, so stick with it! If you enjoyed it and want a little more of a workout then you can repeat it all over again.

Here are the 12 moves that you will be performing. If you can’t jump, or you’re feeling a little weary then modify the moves to a lower impact version. If you’re stuck then just drop me a comment on Instagram and I’ll help out!

The Army Girl's Guide 12 Days of Christmas Countdown Workout

If you’re not feeling festive already, then this ’12 days of Christmas countdown workout’ is sure to get you in the mood! Give it a go and let me know how you feel afterwards!

Oh and before you do the workout… for those of you not following my Facebook Page you might have missed my bonus cardio suggestion. Here it is in case you don’t fancy a run/bike/swim/walk on cardio day:

The Army Girl's 'drop-and-give-me' at home workout

Now… no more stalling… you’re ready to go and give this workout all you’ve got!!!!!!

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