2017 in review

Is it too early to do an end of year review three weeks out from New Year? Ah I don’t care, if Facebook have started doing it do can I too! I’m looking back over the last year, and you can’t stop me ; )

2017 in review

The last few weeks I’ve taken a break from blogging in order to do a lot of reflection over this year just gone. And I figured the best place to start was with my very first blog of the year ‘30 things to do whilst I’m 30’.

One of the biggest things I’ve realised this year is that it’s really great to have a plan, and goals to aspire to, but sometimes things don’t work out as you’ve planned, and you have to be OK with that.

This has been a really really tough year on some levels, but I won’t forget the highs either.

Out of my list of 30 things to do this year, I’d say I achieved just over 50%. But boy am I proud of those achievements.

Mitch and I didn’t visit a new country, but we do go skiing with his family, and his Dad and I taught him how to ski (or rather watch him take naturally to it going down his very first slope). Creating memories like this are way more important than getting to say ‘we visited 12 new countries in 12 days and didn’t actually created any memories other than airport stories!’.

We lost Mitch’s Dad far too young this year. I’ve been fortunate enough to never have to deal with loss this close before, and it’s been hard. Hard to watch the people I love going through the most pain they have ever felt. Hard to think of how the future might look with this big hole now in it. But the love that has emanated from the Lawson family fills me with hope. Hope that even with a hole, life can be really good, and there is so much excitement still to look forward to. To my family-in-law, you are so much more than that, and I am forever grateful.

Take a peak at our awesome ski trip to France here:

I’ve been learning and studying more than ever this year, and having always considered myself as a Personal Trainer, I’ve now come to realise I’m more of a Personal Teacher. Not only do I love teaching women how to get the most out of their body, but I love sharing the knowledge I gain in and around the world of wellness. If I’ve made one person feel more strong, confident and knowledgeable about their body then I feel I’m succeeding in my mission.

But one of the biggest changes over the year has been my integration of spirituality, or ‘grounding’ work. I haven’t quite fully embraced the powers of the universe, but I’m getting there. My love of yoga has bloomed, my ability to sit still and do nothing has increased slightly, and every day I wake up feeling energised, refreshed and ready for the day’s tasks!

I’ve realised life isn’t about having a long list of activities to tick off. It’s about riding the time by being in the now, enjoying every moment for what it is. It’s about speaking to people with love and interest. We can learn so much from everyone we meet, if we just stopped for a minute and truly listened.

I’d love to hear your review of the year. Highs and lows, wins and not so much winnings, everything! Drop a comment and share something that mattered to you.

I’m really looking forward to getting into 2018. I feel like this is our year. Our year to keep learning, growing, discovering and collaborating. Who’s with me?





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