3 weeks to fit

3 Weeks to Festive Fitness

With just 3 weeks to go until Christmas, your daily workout might be the last thing on your to do list. But to ensure you stay on the nice list, follow this fitness plan that proves you can make fitness gains in 3 weeks! Here’s how…

By incorporating a little workout into each day you will not only be giving yourself a little ‘you’ time in what can be a ‘full on’ month, but you are strengthening, toning and burning fat along the way. I’ve created a simple workout to complete each day, which can be done at home with no equipment necessary. So there really is no excuse!

You need to make sure you warm up sufficiently, taking 3-5 minutes to slowly bring your heart rate up by doing moves such as jogging on the spot, skipping, jumping jacks and similar. Then start the circuit of the day and try and complete all moves once through without a rest. Give yourself a minute, then repeat the circuit. You want to aim to complete the circuit 3-4 times. If you want to work a little harder, add more repetitions for each exercise or repeat the circuit more times with no rest! And of course, remember to stretch after you’ve finished the circuits.

Click on the calendar to download it, print it out and tick off your workouts as you go!

The Army Girl's Guide December Workout

With a lot of fatty, chocolatey goodness on offer, along with excess wine flowing at this time of year, bloating can become an issue. Follow the guidelines on the calendar and you are giving yourself a better chance of feeling your best throughout the whole month, whatever you happen to be doing!

Be sure to check in on Social Media with #TAGGworkout and let me know how you’re getting on! And if you have any questions on the workout just get in touch! Happy squatting, dipping and mince pie eating! : )


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