30 things to do whilst I’m 30

30 things to do at 30

Milestone birthdays have always  been exciting for me… whether it was waiting to be told I wasn’t really a muggle when I turned 13 (didn’t happen), or on my 18th birthday finding out that I could run through walls and it was time to go to Professor X’s academy (didn’t happen either).

As I turn 30 I’ve come to realise that I need to make my own destiny. I may not be a witch, or have X-men powers, but I can still do some pretty extraordinary things. So this year I decided to write everything down that I want to accomplish in the year, however big or small, and by sharing with you all, I’m making myself accountable. Now, who’s joining me?!

I’ll be sure to check in throughout the year and let you know how things are getting on. And if you want to be held accountable too, comment below with what you want to achieve this year, and I’ll check in with you!

I’ve split them in to four primary categories: Relationships, Career, Exercises and Spirituality (these are the Primary Foods that I’m learning all about on my Health Coaching Course). I won’t go through each and every one, you can read them below, but here are my top ones for each category:


I will visit a new country and explore it with my husband.

Mitch and I live in Bahrain, so when it comes to holidays it usually means going back home to the UK. This year we have promised to take some time for ourselves and explore somewhere new. This isn’t so much about taking a holiday, as having dedicated quality time together, to really enjoy each other’s company and be with each other whilst we experience new things. And I can’t wait… destination suggestions welcome. I want to go to Japan, but Vietnam and Cambodia look  most likely : )

Travel the World


Join forces with like minded professionals to learn, grow and create incredible content!

Working on your lonesome can be hard and often demotivating, but there are so many incredible health and wellness professionals out there that I need to be making some friends and sharing our knowledge so we can get it out there. This year I vow to make more of an effort to collaborate and share : )


I will try a new sport.

As an exercise professional, I seem to have boxed myself inadvertently into a peg hole which I love, but all the same no-one wants to be pegged in. I love Triathlon, but my body needs a new challenge, and I will endeavour to try new things this year, and find a new sport to love too!


I will do one thing daily that is grounding, requires a pause from the fast pace of daily life, or is based around self reflection.

I seem to struggle to just sit still. I’ve never been one for meditation, my mind is constantly whirring, but it turns out that’s the whole point… I am the type of person who apparently needs it the most! So this year I will try harder to be more connected to my conscious and unconsciousness, if that’s even a thing??!

And here they are written in a list, along with the other 26 things I will endeavour to achieve in 2017!

The Army Girl's Guide to 30 things to do at 30

Wishing you all a prosperous, challenging and exciting 2017 xx

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