5 health facts we all forgot

In a bid to follow the latest fad diet, ‘eat clean’, or be the lightest/slimmest/most toned amongst our peers/friends/colleagues, we seem to have forgotten some simple science. Read on to allow me to remind you of five simple health facts we seem to have forgotten…

5 health facts we all forgot

Your Body Never Makes Mistakes

This is a big one that I’m being constantly reminded of whilst studying at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Our body is an incredible being… it breathes for us, the heart beats, the brain keeps working. Everything happens for a reason. If you are sick, don’t just pop a pill; investigate. Be inquisitive about why your body reacts the way it does, because there is always a reason.

We are animals, and we crave nutrition

If we learnt to truly listen to our body we would know that we do not really want that Caramel Muffin, what we actually want is something that will provide constant energy. Our cravings are a signal to the brain that our body needs something. And sugar is rarely the answer. Glucose might be. But there are better ways to get it than in a packaged, processed, trans-fatty ball of non-food. Eat more vegetables. Your body will thank you.

Every Body is Different

Yup. Look around. That’s obvious. But every body responds in different ways to different things. I am more than happy to share with you my meal plan, so long as you are aware that what works for me might not necessarily work for you! You are your own science experiment, so figure out what works best for you, and go with it. We don’t have to be a gluten free, vegan, raw foodie to be healthy. Just remember to eat quality, fresh, nutritious food that works for you.

Life doesn’t revolve around food

It seems every social outing these days comes with food… we meet up for coffee and cake, have a catch up over lunch, celebrate birthday at dinner. Why is there such a focus on food as the event? Can we not meet for walk? Catch up in a book shop? Or even better, keep food involved and have an evening in with friends doing healthy food prep? Let us start making the event about the people, not the food.

We are not a finished article

We want to be perfect, in shape, 5kg lighter, more toned, and we want it now. But will that really be the route to all happiness? Focus on why you want to be lighter/slimmer/eat better… if it’s so you can be more active, spend more time with your family, and feel well and vibrant, then you know you’re doing what you can for the right reasons. And it takes time, but the fun is in the journey. So enjoy getting to where you want to be. For once you are there, you may decide you want to be somewhere else.

These are all things we know, but so often forget. Simple health facts! But if you’ve taken the time to read this article, then think a little over the five points, and try to be kind to yourself, to feed yourself with the things you know will be of benefit. Most of all, be proud of who you are, because you are the only one of you.

Sarah xoxo
(I’ve clearly been watching too much Gossip Girl – xoxo)

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