5 tips for festive wellness

5 Tips for Festive Wellness

This time of year it is easy to go ‘off track’ and eat all the treats you can get your delighted little hands on. But it doesn’t have to be that way. And it doesn’t mean you’re sat, all sad and scroogey in the corner having a terrible time. There are a few things you can do to make sure you enjoy your Christmas, but don’t have an extra 5kg to add to your New Year weight loss wish list!

Here are my five top tips to try and remember this festive season:

5 tips for festive wellness

  • Bring your own treats!
    • Worried that you’ll be tempted by the crisps and dip and the Christmas bash? Then think one step ahead and bring your own snacks… unsalted nuts, chopped veg and homemade hummus, or even some delicious energy balls would all be a better option, and you look like you’ve gone to a lot of effort for the party!
  • Don’t skimp on water
    • You’re so busy enjoying the festive beverages (mulled wine, Baileys… anything can be festive!!) that you don’t even think about how DEHYDRATED you are. It’s so important to stay hydrated even when you think you are drinking a lot (and probably going to the toilet a lot). You will feel less hungry, you’ll help your body flush out toxins and you will be less likely to bloat.
  • Make good food choices when you can
    • Yes we know you are probably going to go all out at the office party and drink and eat all the things, but that doesn’t mean you have to continue that routine for the whole week! Start your day with a green veggie smoothie, have a salad for lunch, and don’t stress about the things you’ll eat that evening… it doesn’t happen all the time!
  • Indulge guilt free
    • Here’s a biggie. If you can do the above, and make healthy decisions when you can, then allow yourself a treat here and there knowing that it won’t make a huge impact on your body, as long as it doesn’t turn into a week-long binge! Don’t feel guilty about it, make a conscious decision to allow yourself the treat, and enjoy it!
  • Eat mindfully
    • By far the most important… It is SOOOO easy to waste calories on NOTHING! Think of the box of Quality Street next to the sofa that you keep dipping your hand into as you watch ‘Elf’ on TV… you’re not even thinking about what you’re putting in your mouth! STOP. There’s no need. Take the chocolates away, or if you really want one, and you’re sure it’s not just out of boredom or mindless eating, then go ahead and know you won’t beat yourself up about it later.

These are all simple things that you can put into practise immediately and feel confident that you will enjoy the festivities without having a binge/guilt cycle. Most of all, just enjoy yourself, keep moving and stay active, and be grateful for spending time with your loved ones and celebrate family, friendship, and good food!!! : )

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