Bootcamp begins on Sunday!

Are you managing to exercise regularly? Finding it hard to fit a workout in, or not sure what to do?

Then I have the thing for you… 10 minutes of working out, over 10 days. Pretty simple. And you will sweat!

The Bootcamp has now finished, but you can still workout for 10 minutes over 10 days by getting the videos here.

10 minutes for 10 days free online bootcamp

What’s involved?

Check out this little clip of some of the workouts you will be doing:

The Bootcamp is split into training a different body part each day, so although you may be aching, you can still workout!

I can’t wait to get started, and see what you can achieve in 10 days!



The videos were filmed in the absolutely awesome Lift, Strength and Conditioning Centre. They have an amazing range of classes, so if you’re Bahrain based then get your ass down to the gym and try one out!


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