The Army Girl's Guide Group Bootcamps in Bahrain


The Bahrain Bootcamp is full, but that doesn’t mean you need to miss out!…

30th April – 11th May 2017

Feeling like you need a kick start to burn fat and tone up? Maybe you have some fitness goals as we head towards the summer, or perhaps you just need a final push in your fitness routine to really see results? Then this May Bootcamp is for you!

If you haven’t already started, it’s time to get training so you can feel great, increase your energy levels, and be confident throughout the season!  My bootcamp will target not only your cardiovascular fitness, torching fat with high intensity training, but also focus on all your trouble areas with split session training.

This Bootcamp is meant to challenge you, and is progressive as we go through the 10 days. It is body weight based so you can do it at home, or wherever you have the space and time!

(If you want to do a similar thing with your friends here in Bahrain check out other training options here)

This is what my real life Bootcampers are doing, but as virtual Bootcampers you will be getting a 10 minute workout video emailed to you each day!

Bootcamp schedule:

Day 1, Sunday April 30th, 0830-0930 – Introduction and Initial Fitness Assessment

Day 2, Monday May 1st, 0830-0930 – Lower Body Burn

Day 3, Tuesday May 2nd, 0830-0915  – Introduction to High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Day 4, Wednesday May 3rd, 0830-0930 – Upper Body Blitz

Day 5, Thursday May 4th, 0830-0930 – Bum and Core torching!

You get to rest on Friday and Saturday!


Day 6, Sunday 7th May, 0830-0930 – Upper Body Intensive

Day 7, Monday 8th May, 0830-0930 – Bums and Core Advanced

Day 8, Tuesday 9th May, 0830-0915 – “HIIT and Run”

Day 9, Wednesday 10th May, 0830-0930 – Lower Body Intensive

Day 10, Thursday 11th May, 0830-0930 – HIIT and Final Fitness Assessment


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