My week in a constant state of ache

I don’t get to spend much time in the UK, but whilst I’m here I like to try as many different work outs as I can, keeping my finger on the fitness trend pulse and getting myself fit!

So it seemed the logical choice to sign up to ClassPass, which allows me to attend a huge range of classes at a fraction of the price… if I use my pass wisely. So that said, whilst spending a week in the UK I had to try and fit in as many workouts as I could, without doing any physical damage to my poor body. And here’s a run down of what I managed to fit in, and what I thought…

 Day 1 – Bootcamp Pilates Notting Hill

An advocate of the reformer, I wanted to try a large group class to see if I could still get the burn I get one on one. And the answer is yes! A bright and clean studio was home to a great instructor, with a flowing routine of challenging and muscle shaking effective moves. Great for toning and conditioning, but if you’re a beginner be sure to attend the entry-level class first.

Day 2 – Core Collective’s Resistance class

Just off High Street Kensington, the thought of this studio intimidated me slightly… however upon arrival I received a warm welcome, and was shown around the whole venue. If you want quality facilities in terms of showering afterwards, then this place has it all. And you’ll want a good shower after the intense TRX workout. The class size was kept to 8 people, so the instructor Em Furey was able to give hands on correction and improve our technique through each move. With some high intensity intervals thrown in for good measure, this workout got me sweating and worked all of my muscles!

Day 3 – 1 Rebel Reshape Lower Body

Another day, another trendy yet welcoming studio. I went during the day so the class was not that busy, and the instructor Tiego blew me away with his welcoming demeanor and enthusiastic motivation throughout the class. I love to run, and the sense of encouragement when pushing those sprints was infectious, and PBS galore are made in this dark basement room. The combination of resistance work with the treadmill made sure my heart rate stayed elevated throughout the whole class as well as getting some quality muscle burn, and torching over 500 cals in  is always good! Again, incredible facilities in the changing room means it’s easy to head straight out after your workout feeling fresher than when you arrived!

Day 4 – BarreCore Mixed

I consider myself strong and fit. But this class had me doubting everything I thought I knew about myself… from the off my limbs were trembling. The friendly instructor Rachel ensured correct technique was maintained, which meant no cheating, and lots of burn! This class still remains my nemesis to date… Working muscles I didn’t know I had in a way I never thought could hurt so much. A must for lengthening and toning those muscles

 Day 5 – Full Body Friday @ Gym Class

More boutique than the larger, chain gyms I had attended earlier in the week, the facilities were lacking slightly but the class held its own. A more traditional circuit based class mixing body weight exercises with equipment, this fast paced class flew by, and the people attending seemed to be converts to the Gym Class phenomenon, and friendly to boot! I could sense the community feel of the studio, and the workout hit the spot.

Day 6 – Handstands at Equilibrium

By this point in the week my body was screaming for a break, and seeing as I love handstands I thought this would be a good place to end. The studio was comparable to Gym Class… smaller than the larger chains, but with a real local community feel. The owner was there to welcome everyone, and immediately the focus on quality training, form and technique was clear. The instructor Sammy was incredibly knowledgeable, encouraging and engaging, and within an hour my handstand had improved immensely. Not only that, but I was shattered. Two days later my arms were still aching, so don’t underestimate the power of the handstand!

And on day 7 I had a flight to catch back to Bahrain. A flight where my biggest fear was seizing up! So there you have it… an incredible week trying 6 incredible studios.

With ClassPass you can attend the same studio 3 times per month, but with so many to choose from you really don’t need to feel limited. In fact, quite the opposite… I felt liberated to try so many new places, and each one made me feel incredibly welcome! So, with so few limits, what will you be trying?

Bootcamp Pilates and 1Rebel studios

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