Meet Sarah, the girl behind the Army Girl's Guide

Meet Sarah

About The Army Girl's GuideI’m Sarah Honey Lawson, creator of The Army Girl’s Guide and experienced and passionate personal trainer and integrated nutrition health coach in Bahrain. I strive to help likeminded, successful, busy women reduce stress and become properly nourished through exercise and nutrition.

The Army Girl’s Guide

I’ve spent over 8 years personal training women to become their best.  This makes them capable of achieving even the toughest physical goals. After a four year stint in the British Army, I returned to Health & Fitness in the role of a Personal Trainer and group instructor. I quickly gained the name of The Army Girl. It pretty much sums me up: militant, determined, disciplined and always leading from the front : )

I believe through goal based training, eating from a place of knowledge and mindfulness, and understanding your greater purpose, anything is possible. I help over-stressed, over-worked, undernourished and overwhelmed women gain back the life they desire, and start to achieve their full potential.

Achieve your goals through one-one personal training and group physical training. By combining training with tailored nutrition plans and guidelines, I give fantastic females super-practical and actionable guidance to live a healthy lifestyle. And the best bit… you never have to compromise on fun and relaxation time!

If you are not in Bahrain, abut you still want to train with me, then you can have a tailor made, progressive program designed for you, where not only will you be held accountable, but you will monitor your progress alongside me, and make constant revisions to ensure the workouts stay fun, challenging and effective.

Through good planning, creating healthy, maintainable habits and enjoying what you do, you will reach a balance where you can be at the top of your professional, physical and life game. Simply put, a human…being. (check out the blog for all the feels!).

Want to be the best at being? Join in the journey to balance, achievement and greatness.


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