How to eat healthily on a budget, with recipes inspired by Deliciously Ella

It was with gleeful delight that I returned to my flat in London to be reminded that I had pre-orderd the Deliciously Ella new book, Deliciously Ella Every Day. An avid fan of her last book, and her app, I was wondering what new recipes she could possibly have to add to her collection, and I was pleasantly surprised with the variety.

Although a keen reader of her first book, I hadn’t tried as many recipes as I should have, so with this second book I decided to see how easy it was to live the Deliciously Ella way for just one week. Now, I am not normally a veggie but I figured this was a good place to start, and the whole premise of the book is that it is easy to eat well day to day, and it won’t cost a fortune.

First off, I had to get some staples into my bare kitchen. And Ella makes this simple by providing a list of basic kitchen essentials. I started with nothing, so taking her advice I did an online shop. This came to just over £50, and these were things that I wasn’t going to have to buy for a while, so it was an investment! In terms of perishable goods, I decided I would buy what I needed for each recipe on the day, as I was cooking for one, and wanted to limit waste in order to save on cost.

Berry coulis Porridge

Porridge never gets boring with so many ways to mix it up!

True to her word, I found the recipes so easy to recreate, with relatively few ingredients which made it easy to follow, cheap, and quick to whip up. As I was just cooking for myself, most of the meals carried over to my lunch or dinner the next day, and also I reduced the ingredients so as not to make a meal for 8! I didn’t miss meat, and by around day 4 I wasn’t craving the sugary, chocolaty treats that I normally do… I was genuinely pleased to snack on crudités and hummus dip!

Banana and seed porridge

The recipes are easy to recreate, and even adapt to suit your preferences

So, having already tried more recipes in this book than the first, I intend to go back over the first book, relook at the app, and adopt this deliciously wonderful way of eating more regularly. What I love is that all of the recipes can easily be adapted to include meat, just so the hubby stays happy! And they all are really easy to recreate, just as awesomely tasty as Ella says, and not hard to whip up without breaking the bank!

Tasty bean stew

You can switch veg and grains with ease. I switched brown rice for brown pasta here.

Have you tried to eat well on a budget? Need some more food inspiration? Have a look at my lean lunch salad, which is quick and easy!

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