How to eat healthy whilst travelling | Healthy Eating on Holiday

This past month I have made two trips away; one to Turkey to see my sister, and one back to the UK for a best friend’s wedding. I wanted to make a conscious effort to eat healthy whilst travelling, and in order to help you do the same, I’ve made a list of the top five things you can do to eat healthy whilst travelling.

Here are my top five tips to healthy eating on holiday:

How to eat healthy whilst travelling

1. Be prepared to not be prepared!

This may sound really stupid, but it’s all well and good saying ‘bring your own healthy snack’, but sometimes this just isn’t possible.  As much as I would love to say I stock piled healthy snacks into my suitcase, reality is, I didn’t. To overcome this, I accepted that I was often going to have to mostly rule out snacks all together, and make sure my three meals a day counted! Nutritious, filling, satisfying foods became my priority.

2. Don’t turn the journey into an excuse to binge.

On this trip I was travelling A LOT. Train rides, tube rides, bus rides, plane rides. I realised in the past I have used this an excuse to buy a pack of giant milk buttons/muffin/cake/caramel latte – you name it, I’d buy it. Well, I had to have something to keep me occupied on the journey, right?! No! Don’t let food become your entertainment or distraction (but if you have to eat, see number 4). Spend your money on a good book instead. I have become addicted to Audible. Whenever I was on a journey alone I would not allow myself to even enter Costa, and instead I would start listening to my audio books (latest favourite – David Asprey ‘Head Strong’) and take notes – so my hands were kept busy too!

3. Never forget your water bottle.

My water bottle is my best friend. I carry it empty through airport security and fill it up as soon as I’m into the departure hall. This then comes with me everywhere I go! All too often we use holidays as an excuse to throw everything out the window – what becomes the norm is what is convenient. Fizzy drinks, sugary snacks – these are wasted calories and offer you no benefit. I have no issues whatsoever going to a restaurant and not ordering a drink. I have my water. I’m still eating their food. What’s the problem? There isn’t one!

4. If you want to buy your snacks, go for minimal ingredients

Forgive me if I’ve made it sound like I never snacked whilst away. That wasn’t the case. And for me to eat healthy whilst travelling, sometimes I need a little bit of food to get me between meals. But with the abundance of healthy food establishments, I was in my element. Of course, I had nuts in my bag at all times (just don’t be tempted to eat the whole packet – that’ll cover most of your daily calorie allowance!). Whilst in Wholefoods I found Deliciously Ella’s Almond and Cacao Balls. Perhaps they are slightly overpriced, but the ingredients list was exactly what I would have used for my own balls, so I was happy to indulge for the long train ride ahead. I also developed a new love for raw chocolate. A couple of pieces and my sweet tooth was satisfied. And of course, I managed to find some kombucha to keep me and my gut happy : )

5. Explore on foot.

Ok, I know, this one isn’t about eating, but it will still make your holiday a little higher on the healthy level. Getting out of the heat of Bahrain meant I could finally pound the pavements again! I wore my favourite Fit Flops, and hit my daily step target religiously due to my inability to sit still for long, but also my love of getting outside and enjoying what is right on your doorstep.

Explore on foot

Backpack, check, Fitflops, check, ready to explore!

Just a note to say whilst away (and always) I take probiotics to help the good bacteria in my gut. Breakfast stays as close to eggs and spinach as possible. No heading towards cereals or the pastry table (as this will lead me to crave sweet things during the day). And I NEVER FEEL GUILTY about anything I choose to eat.

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Healthy eating on holiday

Aiming for a healthy, savoury breakfast, Kombucha and my water bottle : )

Hopefully these tips help. If you have any tips to eat healthy whilst travelling then please comment below and share them with us!

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