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For the past few weeks over on my Instagram account I have been doing #fixyourformFriday. I wanted to go in to a little bit more detail on fixing your form for the Bulgarian Split Squat, as this is such a great move to add to your training routine, but it is so often performed incorrectly.

What is the Bulgarian Split Squat?

The Bulgarian Split Squat is a single leg move, loading up the front leg whilst elevating the rear leg using a bench or step. By elevating the rear leg you are increasing the load that the front leg is lifting, engaging the quadriceps and glutes for a delightful burn. You will also feel the pull in the back leg, as with the elevation of the rear foot the rear leg hip flexor is in a stretched position. By moving through a full range of movement you are both challenging the muscles in the front leg, and stretching the rear.

How to do the Bulgarian Split Squat

How might you be doing it wrong?

But many people do the Bulgarian Split Squat incorrectly. Take a look at the video above to see this in action. If your front foot is too close to the bench, you can end up pushing your front knee too far forwards, causing your weight to go onto the front toe. This will compromise the stability and strength around the knee joint.

Alternatively, have your front foot too far away, or rest too much of your rear leg on the bench, and you will drastically limit your range of movement. This will not allow your muscles to engage as fully. On top of this, you will have to hyperextend your back to keep your chest up. This puts undue pressure on the lower back and can lead to injury.

How to perform the Bulgarian Split Squat correctly?

In order to do the move correctly, first have your front foot far enough away from the bench that your front knee does not go over your toes. You also want to be able to drop the back knee nice and low as you squat down whilst being able to keep your chest lifted. Once you are comfortable in this position you can shuffle the front foot back slightly in order to allow greater range of movement for the rear leg. Aim to have rear knee almost tapping the floor as you lower down.

The Bulgarian Split Squat is such a great move for building up your single leg strength, as well as hip flexor mobility, but just make sure you are doing it right.

Add it to your workout!

Try adding 3 x 12 reps on each leg to your next leg sessions. Once you get comfortable with the basic move you can add dumbbells to increase the resistance.

If you’re struggling to plan your workout routine, check out my training week to see if it can inspire you!

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