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The Army Girl's Guide to Food Prep

This month I’ve been giving you a little insight into my life as a Personal Trainer, which includes how to meal prep. One thing I try and do each week is plan in advance what I am going to eat. This means I can be super organised, saving time and money. Here are my top tips on how to meal prep like a pro, and I’ve included my weekly meal planner which you can download to use yourself!

  • Be inspired

I love to spend time going through my shelf of cookery books to be inspired for the week ahead. I set myself the challenge of trying at least one new recipe a week, and love being creative in the kitchen. Instagram is another place where I find loads of recipe inspiration! Especially meal prep inspiration.

  • Be organised

    – Fail to prepare, prepare to fail!

Write out what you’ll be eating and when! This will massively help you how to meal prep. I use my food planner (DOWNLOAD HERE) to plan for the week ahead. Once you’ve decided what you’ll be eating, be sure to make a shopping list of everything you need!


  • Batch cook

Once you’ve done your shopping, you can make your life easier by doing some batch cooking, and freezing portions for later in the week. Make sure you have set aside some time to do meal prep. I like to cook up a big batch of quinoa and roast some vegetables to mix with it. This means I have something on hand to have with meat I cook, or to mix into a salad. It lasts a few days in the fridge so will get me through the beginning of the week on a healthy note. The rest of the week I tend to cook as I go, making enough one evening to have for my lunch the next day (and for my hubby too!).

  • Plan for snacks

We get hungry between meals. It’s natural. Plan for it! And then prepare by making up something easy and healthy. I always whip up some homemade hummus to have with raw veg, and some energy balls for when I want something sweeter on the go.

  • Plan in your exercise

As you’ll see on my meal planner, I have left space for exercise either in the morning, at lunch or at dinner. By planning in when I can exercise it helps me determine what I will eat. Fasted cardio first thing calls for oats or another slow releasing carbohydrate on the breakfast menu. If I’m not training until the evening then I’ll probably go for an egg based breakfast and skip the carbs. Writing it all down means I’m more likely to stick to it!

  • Have fun with it

Cooking is a great way to get creative. Try new things (my poor husband knows I like to do this – sometimes with little success!). Test your taste buds. By planning ahead, you can shop savvy, save money, and ensure you’re eating a healthy, balanced diet throughout your week.

Give it a go and see how much easier it makes things to be organised!


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