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Where has this year gone? Half way through already! Time is flying by, and now more than ever I am aware of using my time wisely. If you subscribe to my newsletter then you will be aware of the painful struggle my family has been dealing with over the last month. And I have decided to take this time to reassess my goals, set my intentions, and become realigned with my purpose.

I want you to spend just 10 minutes with me here. You will need a couple of pens and 2 pieces of paper. If you think you don’t have the time, then maybe you need to reassess where you place the value of your time. Are these 10 minutes better spent scrolling Instagram and seeing what other people are achieving, or are they better spent focussing on you, and what you want to achieve? Go on. Indulge yourself ; )

The saying goes, you get more of what you focus on. So if you are focussed on worrying about finances, weight gain, poor relationships – anything negative, then you will attract more of it. So switch up your focus, and become clear on what it is you want to achieve. It could be developing a new workout routine, exercising 3 days per week consistently. It could be a promotion or career change. Whatever it is, write down that goal.

Now you need to set your intentions to align with that goal. If you need to make more time in order to work out, then make the intention to clear up 25 minutes for exercise daily. If you are too stressed at work and are blocking yourself from achieving your full potential, then maybe your intention is to let go of the small, insignificant things that normally get to you. These intentions can be small, but make sure you set them.

Right. Hopefully you have now become more clear on your goals, and set some intentions in order to build those goals. Now I want you to focus all your energy on your most important intention, and here’s what I want you to do:

  1. Write your most important intention down in the centre of a piece of paper. For example, one of my intentions, and the most important for me at the moment, is to ‘Create a Routine’.
  2. Now brainstorm all the words & phrases that you associate with this intention. Using two different coloured pens, write all the positive focussed words in one colour, and all the negative in the other colour.Intentions Brainstorm
  3. Once complete, take a step back and look at what you have created. Is one colour more dominant than the other?
  4. Take another piece of paper and again write the intention on it. This time, rewrite the negative thoughts in a positive stance, and write them in the positive coloured pen.

Now that your intention is surrounded with positive thoughts, place it somewhere you will see it regularly. Whenever you notice negative thoughts creeping in around this intention, take a look at your piece of paper and turn those thoughts around.

Positive intention setting

Sometimes a situation just can’t be looked at in a positive light. And it doesn’t need to be. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be positive about other things.

Do something each day to take positive action towards living in alignment with your intentions.

And you can thank me later ; )

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