Lean lunch – a tasty, quick and easy salad!

Lunch always seems like a bit of an inconvenience to me. Don’t get me wrong… I want it! But in the army I always used to struggle with what to have, as there were rarely healthy options available… think club sandwich and chips, creamy pasta, or the healthy option of soup, which wouldn’t even get me to 3pm! But now I realize when you get to make your own it can be really easy, tasty and quick to make.

Here is my go to lunch at the moment. What I love is that you can just chuck anything in that you have in your fridge. I like to have coleslaw (ok so I should’ve made my own!) as it adds a nice flavor and means I don’t have to pile on more dressing and add extra calories that are wasted! What I haven’t done here is add some nuts and seeds, but if I have them to hand I do like to sprinkle them over the top. And my husband seems to think it’s not a proper meal without meat, but the rice and the cheese seem to add substance and it never feels like I am missing out.

I like to add a small amount of brown rice, particularly if I now I am going to be out and about a lot in the afternoon, but this is just my preference.

Delicious beetroot and feta salad

Here’s the ingredients and calorific information:

Uncle Ben’s rice – ¼ packet – 52 calories

Handful of spinach – 15 calories

4 cherry tomatoes – 12 calories

Beetroot – 35 calories

Half avocado – 160 calories

Small piece of feta cheese – 70 calories

Tablespoon of Sainsbury’s own coleslaw – 100 calories

Total – 444 calories

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