One healthy tip you can do today

One thing to do to be more healthy

With the New Year comes a whole host of helpful healthy tips on how to be well, how to stick to your goals, and what you need to do to get into the best shape of your life. But all you really need is one healthy tip that could change everything!

Now, all these health tips are pretty helpful. Valuable. True and worthy information. But it can get a little confusing, and a tad hard to remember 101 steps to the new you! So I’m going to share with you the one biggest health tip that will help you stick to smart food choices, stop overeating, and achieve any weight loss goals you may have.

And here’s the best bit… it’s not to drink more water! (Although, you know… you should drink more water!). AND… you can do this. You can stick to it. And it will make a difference.

So you wanna know what my one biggest health tip is? The one thing you can do each day to be more healthy?

….. (drum roll please)….

One thing you can do each day to be more healthy


So there you have it. Pretty simple huh? But it will really transform the way you eat. There are a couple of rules that go with this:

  1. Every SINGLE thing you eat must be done sitting down at a table. Including snacks. No nibbling whilst preparing meals. No shoving something in your mouth whilst doing a million other things. And don’t walk, talk and eat.
  2. Be mindful and present when eating. This means not multitasking when eating. When you sit down to eat, it is because you need food. If you don’t think you have the time to sit down and eat, then you may not actually be as hungry as you think.
  3. Stop over-snacking! Have you ever gone to the kitchen to get yourself a snack, and by the time you’ve sat down to eat it you’ve actually already finished it? Without even realising you’d eaten it? You won’t be satisfied after that. You’ll probably head back to the kitchen to get another one of whatever you had as you weren’t consciously eating. You’ll eat way more than you need before your body has even had the chance to register it’s full. So stop.Unless you are prepared to sit at the table to eat it!
  4. Finish your mouthful before leaving the table! I didn’t even realise I did this until I became more mindful. I would put the last mouthful in, and then immediately clear my plate away whilst still chewing away. Surely I’m not the only one?  I was rushing my meals. Eating fast to finish quickly in order to start the next thing on my to do list. Again, stop! Finish your meal. Sit a moment and encompass that feeling of fullness. Then clear up.

I haven’t specified that it has to be YOUR dining room table. You can still eat out, still have food around at other people’s houses, but you must always be seated, be mindful, and be at a table of some sort (so no eating in the car)! Try it for a day, a week, and see how it goes. Be aware of how much more you enjoy your food, how much less you nibble on bits and pieces, and how much more satisfied you feel!

Combine this healthy tip with some exercise and you’re on track to staying in great shape and feeling amazing.

And remember… drink more water ; )

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