Online Personalised Training Plans

Want to work out with The Army Girl but your schedules or locations just don’t fit?

Then here is your opportunity to get great results through personalised, tailored fitness plans, with The Army Girl there to hold you accountable, answer any training questions you may have, and ensure you are enjoying and getting the most from every workout. Online training is a cost and time effective way of having a the experience and expertise of the Army Girl whilst not having to work around each other’s schedules!

Whether you have 30 minutes, 3 times a week, workout from home, want to train 5 days a week, or are training for a specific event, The Army Girl can help you achieve your goal. The answer is simple – online personal training and tailor made plans!

After an initial questionnaire and consultation, Sarah will devise a plan based on your goals, availability and environment that are challenging, varied and effective.

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What you get:

Pink TickA tailored 4 week training plan.

Pink TickWeekly check ins to ensure intensity is set at the right level.

Pink TickA variety of workouts, both using the gym and at home.

Pink TickExercise explanations and demonstrations, as well as workout videos if required.

Pink TickAccountability in the form of The Army Girl, constantly on your back and ensuring your workouts are scheduled and completed on time!

What is expected of you:

Pink TickCommitment to the program. If you don’t put in the work, you won’t see results.

Pink TickWeekly updates reflecting back on each workout, how you felt, and what you achieved.

Pink TickA positive attitude, motivation and the willingness to try it all!


If online personal training sounds like something you are interested in then get in touch with Sarah now!