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When starting officer training at the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst you are issued a very underwhelming grey pair of outdoor trainers, and a white pair of indoor trainers. Now, nothing makes me happier than getting to choose my own trainers that suit my gait, my running style, and my fitness fashion sense!

For a while I had been interested to try the On Cloud trainers after hearing some good reviews from my triathlon club. So in the new year sale I treated myself to a sleek new pair, and have reviewed the On Cloud trainer for your reading pleasure!

The science behind the On Running trainer technology suggests that the unique cushioning system responds to your individual gait, and individual ‘pod-style’ cushions move independently allowing for a more comfortable run. This provides great cushioning, whilst allowing the shoe to remain incredibly light.

When I first put the trainers on it felt strangely light, but the impact protection was obvious. On my first run I felt light and bouncy, able to run faster than I had for a while.

My concern came with the durability of the shoe. But I was assured people have trained for and run marathons in this shoe, and it could take the 500 miles recommended for most trainers before having to invest in a new pair.

With the gaps between the sole’s pods, I wouldn’t recommend running on gravel or surfaces that have a lot of debris, as bits are likely to get stuck in the shoe. However, as that’s my only complaint on the shoe it comes up trumps. All in all it’s a good looking, light, fast and comfortable shoe. I can’t wait to get racing!

Ready to run in my On Clouds

Ready to run in my On Clouds

Look out for my review next month where I test the On Cloud against the Nike Flyknit Lunar in a 2.4km time trial.

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