Because sometimes we just don’t have time…

5 hacks to save time getting ready and still be prepared for anything

So last night I almost missed my flight to London. I thought I was flying the next day, but randomly checked… and then realised I had one hour to get to the airport! Cue throwing clothes into suitcase, quick wash and out the door! But it reminded me of some things I learnt in the Army when you just don’t have time to do everything:

Always carry wipes

Sounds silly, but I always carry face wipes with me (especially in my gym bag) as you never know when you won’t have time for a full wash. A quick wipe before I get off the plane and I feel slightly more awake!

Give your hair a break

My hair spent 4 years in a permanent bun, and whilst in Afghan I used the time to give my hair some deep conditioning. If you don’t have time to dry and style your hair, leave your conditioner in and tie it up in a neat bun… hair problem solved, and your hair will be super happy the next time you wash it.

Tie your hair in a bun to save time a give it some conditioning

Multitasking makeup

I’m naturally impatient, and that even comes to when I take too long to get ready. To save time I skip about three steps in my beauty regime by combining them… my moisturiser is also my sun screen (which you should never go without – unless you want your face to turn into one big freckle as mine did on tour in Afghanistan!) and my foundation. I use La Roche-Posay 50+ Tinted moisturiser. So instead of having to rub three things into my face, one does it all!

Keep a notebook and pen to hand, always

When something is sprung on people unexpectedly they generally go into panic mode… cue 100 thoughts running around your head resulting in little productivity. Always keep a notebook and pen to hand (another drill the Army instils in us, because you never know when you’ll need to take notes!), then immediately write down everything you can think of that you need to do, and before you leave the house check you’ve got everything on the list – this has saved me from forgetting my laptop on more than one occasion!

Invest in two chargers and a power bank

Whilst flying last night came as a surprise to me, packing wasn’t an issue as I generally have two of everything that is important. I have a power bank which I take everywhere and with it is a spare phone charging cable, because you don’t want to get stuck in another country with no phone battery!


These all help me save time, still feel presentable, and stay organised and connected. If you have any hacks to save time getting ready then please share them!


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