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I mentioned in my blog last week, that for me travelling has always turned into an excuse to eat poorly, or snack till my heart’s content! No savoury snacks in sight! And this can throw all my healthy eating habits out of whack. Once I’ve got a taste for the sweet stuff, it’s often a downhill spiral. So this last trip I took, I tried to be prepared and take some Tupperware full of healthy, satiating alternatives to plane food/trolley cart snacks/Coffee shop treats!

Here are my top 5 savoury snacks to take with you whilst travelling:

Savoury snacks you can travel with

A Snack Box

I like to pick at things, and am quite clearly not going to pack a full on meal a la plane foil meal, so a little deli snack box is perfect. This one from Damn Delicious ticks all my snack box boxes – we’ve got protein and fats, and a little carbs. I would add a cucumber in there as it’s hydrating and we all know that planes sap moisture from you! Just be aware if you’re brining nuts on a plane (which I regularly do) that the people sat next to you aren’t allergic to them! I always check with my neighbours before opening up my lunch box. Yep, I’m pretty darn nice ; )

Deli Snack Box


Sweet and Savoury Snack Bar

Looking for more of a savoury snacks bar? These smoked honey and almond bars are amazing! Full of healthy fats from the seeds and nuts, and accompanied with a teeny tiny sweetness from the honey and brown rice syrup. A must try if you like to make your own bars!

Almond and honey bars

Photo Credit: Emma Christensen


Handy Small Snack

If you want something to snack on that doesn’t contain nuts, but still offers you that satisfying depth of flavour and fills you up, then have you experimented with chickpeas? Roasted chickpeas are so easy to prepare and will keep your savoury snack brain happy. Try this recipe from The Kitchn:



A strong base snack

If cheese and wine is more you thing, then try making these simple and deliciously crispy Chia Seed Crackers by Nyoutritious. Take a bunch with you and never fear the bread basket again. You can have your cheese and eat it!

Chia seed Crackers


Home comfort snack

And this last one is not so much a savoury snack, but always makes me feel pretty happy when I make it up… the makings of a ginger and lemon tea. In my tiniest Tupperware (I have many!) I pack some lemon slices and a nob of ginger. On the plane I ask for hot water, and happy days – my home comforts have joined me. You could even take some super food powders with you – just be prepared to have to explain yourself at customs!

Lemon and Ginger Tea


What’s one thing you just can’t travel without food wise? Will you try any of the savoury snacks above next time you travel? Let me know if you do!

And if you wish you were craving savoury snacks, but can’t so no to the free chocolate bar they hand out then perhaps you might want to try my FREE Five Day Sugar Detox?


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