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It’s the time of year when snow is in the air (well, not in Bahrain… but people travel far and wide to get to some snow!). And I am so excited because finally my husband is going to learn how to ski… we are off to France with the family in February. So this means I am on a mission to get Ski Fit!

Today I’m sharing with you my latest workout which I have developed specifically to have myself in the best possible shape for the slopes. I’ve focussed on quad and glute strength (hello permanent squat down the slopes!) as well as balance and core strength.

You want to be ready for anything when going at top speed down those black runs, so the better your body can adapt to shifting your weight from side to side quickly, balancing on one leg and keeping your core engaged constantly, the more likely you are to stay standing!! And of course you want your legs to be as strong as possible so you can hold perfect form day to day on the slopes whilst still getting to enjoy ache free après-ski!

The Army Girl's Guide to get-ski-fit

I’ve created a video of the workout, which I suggest you take a look through so you know exactly what I’m going on about in the workout plan below. Then print out the workout plan and take it to the gym with you so you can follow along and tick the exercises off as you go.

The Video Workout:

The whole workout should take around 35 minutes, and you should really feel the leg burn. If you don’t have a gym or any equipment you can do this at home. Find a hill for the starting moves, then the others can be performed with no equipment. But keep in mind you won’t be getting the added benefit of being off balance from the bosu and TRX, so your core and proprioceptive muscle spindles (receptors in nerve endings that tell your brain where your body is in space) won’t be working as hard.

The Ski Fit Workout printout:


Let me know how you get on, and maybe I’ll see you on the slopes : )

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