Thank you so much for singing up to take a sneak peak at The Make It Happen Club.

We hope you find the audios really insightful. We do Q&As every month and answer all of your burning questions.

Q & As:

Food and Fitness with Janey and Sarah

58 minutes in 7 parts!

Part 1 – meat and protein
Part 2 – iron and nutrient robbers
Part 3 – Injury and rest
Part 4 – Running mindset and breathing / technique tips
Part 5 – Carbs and training, including fat adaption
Part 6 – Post C-Sec workouts and C-sec shelf / caterpillar
Part 7 – Be the bloating detective!

Emotional Eating with Janey and Gill

1 hour 4 mins into 7 parts

Intro – A breakdown of what emotional eating is and going through the difference between beliefs, triggers, habits and addictions

Question 1 – Managing eating when full – always ‘neeeeeeding’ chocolate at 930pm – difference between stomach and mental hunger and emotional / habitual eating
Question 2 – Sabotaging progress. I.e. when eating healthily. starting to get results, then sabotaging by going back to old ways / making ‘wrong’ choices
Question 3 – How to get out of eating really well Monday to Friday and pigging out at the weekend behaviour
Question 4 – Getting rid of food guilt!
Question 5 – Being happy with body and then seeing a friend lose a lot of weight on the 5:2 and being tempted to do it
Question 6 – Sugar addiction and binge eating

Here is your bonus 15 minute HIIT workout:

15 min HIIT workout

15 minute HIIT Build Up

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