Start Today… Tomorrow is ALWAYS a day away

It is so important to have goals, be them for the year, for the month or even just for the week. Sometimes, it’s hard to see those goals through, but remember, failure only happens when you stop trying.

Did you start the year with a New Year’s Resolution? Or join a New Year, New You diet plan? Now is about the time where motivation has well and truly flailed, will power has vanished and the goals don’t seem so achievable anymore. I read something recently that said if you slip up and have a bit of a binge, never mind, just start again tomorrow. NO NO NO!! That way, the day might turn into one big binge, and you feel so bad that you give up completely. Or tomorrow you accidently have to finish the ice cream you started today, and you tell yourself you will start again tomorrow. Remember, tomorrow is always (not only) a day away.

But today starts now! Start again right now. Plan your next healthy meal for that day. Go to the shop now and buy some vegetables… you won’t be tempted by the sweet aisle because you’ve already eaten most of that!!! ; )

In the military there are acronyms for everything… it helps you remember processes and important information, so here’s one of The Army Girl’s Guide’s very own Acronyms:

Get back on track with your goals, STARTing now!

And remember, things don’t always go to plan (see here to read how I deal with this), but there’s nothing better than the sense of achievement when you reach your goals!

Do you have any acronyms, mantras or sayings that inspire you to keep aiming for your goals? Share them with #armygirlgoals

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