Start the day the right way – Healthy Avocado Toast

Whilst in training, I never missed breakfast. Even on exercise when all there was to offer was a ration pack of beans and sausage. And it’s something I’ve taken with me upon leaving the Army. I never miss breakfast!

This month’s healthy breakfast sees avocado take the starring role, along with some cherry tomatoes and egg. When it comes to a home-made healthy breakfast,  I like to keep it simple. So the three main ingredients here  make it quick and easy, and provide you with good fats, protein and some slow releasing carbohydrates.

How to do it: Simply mush up half an avocado with three cherry tomatoes. Crack an egg into the mixture and stir in, before placing in the microwave for approximately two minutes, stirring half way through. Whilst in the microwave, cut up three small pieces of rye bread and pop them in the toaster. Once the egg has cooked, spread the mixture on the toast, and enjoy!

I enjoyed my breakfast with a  spinach and berry smoothie made in my nutribullet.

Healthy avocado on toast

Calorific information:

Half Avocado – 160 calories

3 slices Rye Bread – 110 calories

3 cherry tomatoes – 10 calories

1 medium egg – 65 calories

Total – 345 calories

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