Stress Less Day 2

The Effect of Stress on Your Metabolism

I hope you enjoyed Day 1, all about uncovering what exactly stress is. Today we are diving into how stress affects the metabolism.

You can watch the presentation, or listen now:

Stress is so much more than just feeling busy and pressure. It affects all the internal workings of your body without even realising. Let’s make an effort today to start appreciating how incredible our body is, and treating it with the love and care it deserves!

If you’re intrigued by our hormones, and want to learn more, you can read up on it over on my Hormone Series on the blog.

Today is also a chance for you to start/reignite/continue (insert appropriate word for you here) your fitness routine. I have done a 20 minute, equipment free, High Intensity Interval workout. This was originally filmed for my Facebook Page, ‘The Army Girl’s Guide’. A bit of sweating might do your stress levels the world of good!

Key Takeaways from today:

  • Adrenaline and cortisol in small amounts can be good for the body
  • When chronically stressed, elevated hormone levels can fatigue the adrenal glands, trick your body into thinking you are in a state of famine, and cause carb cravings and tiredness
  • Elevated cortisol levels may effect your insulin sensitivity, possibly leading to Type II Diabetes
  • Unused excess energy made available during the stress response will be stored as fat around your middle, causing excess abdominal weight gain

Action points:

  • Seek solitude to unwind and destress
  • Exercise to increase endorphins, increase insulin resistance and destress!
  • Increase your levels of Vitamin D and CoEnzyme Q10 (upon guidance from a medical professional!)

If you need to recap on Day 1, you can access it here.