The art of being grateful

A shoutout to those behind the camera

Those of you that know me well, or train with me, will likely be aware that not so long ago I started a new course that will have me become a fully qualified Health Coach in the next year. Not only am I learning so much about nutrition, bio-individuality and self-care, but I am also developing my own level of spirituality.

The Army Girl developing her spirituality

This doesn’t mean I’ve taken up a religious practise, but more that I am trying to become more grounded, more connected; more centred. One thing I am trying to adopt on a daily basis is to fill out a journal, and in that I have to write my morning thoughts and feelings, along with my goals for the day. But the thing I’ve found most useful, and stands out to me, is writing down what I am grateful for that day. It’s such a positive way to start the day, thinking of all the things you appreciate, are lucky to have, and enrich your life.

Today, as again I received another complement for the wonderful, stand out pictures on my website, I felt hugely grateful to the woman behind the camera. With the lens focussed on me, it’s easy to not even consider the talented individual capturing split second movements, finding the right light and working super quick in the golden hour. Not only have I gained some incredible pictures that I will cherish forever, but she has been generous enough to pass on her knowledge and skills, so that one day I too can hope to take some breathtaking pictures myself.

Hannah Shore photography

So today, all please take a second, if you’ve admired the pictures on my website, to check out the amazing work by Hannah Shore on her own projects over on With even more outstanding projects to come, she’s one to watch, and one I am very grateful to call my friend.

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