The training week of a Personal Trainer

A Personal Trainer's Week of Workouts

My friends always used to say to me, ‘it’s easy for you to stay fit, you’re working out all day every day’! Now every Personal Trainer will know this is not the case… although I’m training other people all day, it doesn’t mean I’m getting a workout done. I have to plan my time carefully to fit in my own workouts. After all, no-one wants a fat trainer!

So I thought I would give you my Army Girl’s guide to the training week of a Personal Trainer. This is how I train in an ideal week, and by no means do I follow this 100% of the time. But I follow a few simple guidelines when it comes to my training:

1.Keep your workouts varied

I try and alternate cardio and weight training days, so my body has time to recover, but also to keep it interesting for me!

2. Make your schedule achievable

There’s no point scheduling in 90 minute workouts each day if you know you just won’t have time to fit it in. Some of my workouts are just 30 minutes long, so it’s achievable to fit into my schedule, and I make sure I’m working at an intensity that will still ensure I’m sweaty by the end!

3. Track your workouts and make sure you progress

Although each week I follow a similar structure, I make sure to slowly progress week on week. This means increasing the intensity as your body adapts… think faster, heavier, longer.

4. Have a goal to train for

When I’m not training for a specific event, or a goal that I’ve written down, my motivation really drops. Having something to aim for in a set time frame means you’re more likely to get up and work for it, especially if it is something where other people are involved – be accountable!

Number three is really important for me, as it’s all about making sure you are making your workouts work for you. For other tips on creating a successful workout make sure you’ve signed up for my newsletter for my free guide to making your workout work for you!

Below you can download what a typical week in workouts looks like for me. Although I prefer to workout in the mornings, this isn’t always possible what with making sure I’ve walked the dog before early morning clients, so sometimes I’ll have a lunch break workout, other times I’ll workout in the evening. As a preference, I like to do my cardio in the morning, and lift weights in the evening.

PRINT THIS AND DO IT YOURSELF: the-army-girls-guide-to-my-workout-week

The Army Girl's Guide Printable workout week

This is just a standard week, and as my training goals change so will my exercise focus. For example when I was training for the Half Ironman Triathlon there was a lot more cycling and swimming. And now I have just agreed to be part of Gravity Indoor Skydiving‘s relay team in the  Bahrain Marathon, so my X-trainer intervals will change to running intervals, and I will spend more time on my steady state cardio!

How do you organise your week so you fit in all the workouts you want? Is there anything in particular you struggle with? Or do you put off the workouts you don’t really like?!

The Army Girl's Guide to a Personal Trainer's weekly workouts

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