#TrainTuesday Countdown Workout

Fancy a ‘second day of the week’ pick me up workout? Then this one is for you. Six moves, which you will repeat in a descending pyramid format, i.e. you’ll start by doing 10 reps of each exercise, rest for 1 minute, then 8 reps of each, rest, 6 reps of each, rest, 4 reps of each, rest, and finally 2 reps of each exercise.

All together you will do 30 reps of each exercise. Go you!

All the moves can be done with no equipment, so it is the perfect at home workout.

Counting down is great as you know each set will be easier (or at least shorter!), even though you may be feeling a little more tired each time!

The 6 magic moves are:

  1. Press Up
  2. Plank to squat
  3. Russian burpee (both legs kicked up counts as one rep)
  4. Squat with hand touching opposite toe followed by 180 degree jump
  5. Mountain climbers (both legs counts as one rep)
  6. Burpees!

This is a great all over blast that will get your heart rate up and see you working up a sweat. Check out the video below to see all the moves in sequence, and enjoy!

Want a leg workout instead? Try this at home workout, with no equipment required. And let me know how you find it with #armygirllegday

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