#QuickWorkout – The ‘drop and give me 20’ workout

Here’s a simple and quick workout that you can do anywhere! No equipment needed means no excuses necessary!

I’m keeping the training session nice and simple:

Five moves, performed for 20 reps each, five times through! How’s that for an effective, quick workout!? No equipment needed, and not much time needed. Just you, some enthusiasm, some energy and get it done.

How to do the quick workout:

Perform each exercise back to back, for 20 reps each, then take 1 minute rest and repeat the circuit four more times.

The 'drop and give me 20' workout

Push Ups:

Ensure your hands are underneath your shoulders, and your hips don’t dip down as you lower your body towards the ground. If you’re unsure of proper form in a press up, then check out my 6 step video series here.

Sit Ups:

In order to make this nice and hard, fold your arms across your chest to minimise the momentum created by your arms. This means pure ab and hip flexor strength is required!

Lunge Jumps:

Power up between each lunge to land with the opposite leg forward each time. This plyometric move is great for power and dynamic strength!

Tricep Dips:

Using a chair or bench, extend your legs and rest your weight on your hands. Lower your hips close to the chair as you bend your arms, working the backs of the arms. The more you extend your legs, the harder the exercise is!


No explanation needed! Just get them done. Want to make it harder? Make them chest to floor burpees with a tuck jump at the end ; )

If you like this quick workout and you want more workouts to follow, check out my great Leg Workout and let me know how it goes.

If you don’t have time to do it right now, you can PIN the workout to your Pinterest page and save it for later!

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