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What I Eat in a Week

I, along with the majority of people, have vowed to eat well, exercise regularly, and be the best version of myself in 2017. And so far, so good! Here I’m sharing it all with you, along with a free meal plan!

At the beginning of the week I made a monthly plan for my exercise, and sat down and planned out my meals for the week (see here for a meal planner you can use to help you do this too!).

So I thought I would share what I’ve been eating, just in case you need any inspiration or are a bit stumped on what to eat. Now remember, everyone is different, so what I eat might not work for you, but it’s all pretty healthy and balanced. Take a look and if you want to know about any of the recipes (that aren’t obvious) then just comment below. Or sign up to my newsletter to receive my ebook of the weekly food plan, recipes and a shopping list. That’s right – get a free meal plan with recipes!

I generally try to follow a few simple eating principles that guide me through the week, and tend to help me stay away from making bad choices (although I’m a bit of a sugar addict, and obviously trying to cut that down now!)

Here are my eating principles:

  • Make a Meal Plan! If I don’t plan what I’m going to eat, I’m more likely to stray towards bad things.

  • Thirst first, hunger second. If I think I’m hungry, I’ll have a drink first. It might just be thirst!

  • If I haven’t worked out that day, I’ll limit my carbohydrate intake.

  • Fresh is always best – if it comes in a packet, I try to limit it.

  • Homemade wins the day – when it comes to meals, if I haven’t made it (cooked it/constructed it), I shouldn’t really be eating it.


The Army Girl's Guide Breakfasts

Depending on what I’ve done that morning, I will eat accordingly. If I’ve worked out I might decide to go for oats, or avocado on rye bread/Sour dough bread. On days when I haven’t worked out I’ll have soaked Chia seeds with some almond milk and fresh fruit, or some yoghurt. My new standard breakfast is scrambled eggs, spinach, sauerkraut and salsa. Yum!

I also love to start the day with a smoothie or a fresh juice. You can check out some recipes here.


For lunch I generally have leftovers from dinner, or I’ll whip up an easy salad with a mix of dark leafy greens, tomatoes, seeds, boiled egg and a pre-cooked chicken. If I’ve worked out that day then I might add some grains; either rice or quinoa.

TAGG Lunch ideas

I like to make up a big batch of quinoa and veg that I can have for my lunch throughout the week along with a form of protein (chicken/eggs/tuna). This is easy to make as a staple in any meal plan.

TAGG Quinoa and Veg


If I haven’t written down what I’ll be eating, and have the food in the fridge, then I’m more likely to stray into bad eating habits (fast food, packaged food or no food!). ┬áSo for me, planning is key!

TAGG Dinner Options

I always try to make the greens/veg the majority of the plate, with my protein and heavier carbs taking a side seat. Salmon features once or twice a week, chicken 3-4 time and maybe mince or steak once. I also try to have one night meat free, much to my husband’s annoyance!

If you want to see the full free meal plan, with recipes and a shopping list then sign up for my newsletter to receive the free ebook. And let me know how you get on! : )

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