What I’m wearing to get the best from my workout

With the majority of my time spent in fitness clothes, I get pretty good at establishing the quality from the… well… not so quality! With the rise of athleisure wear, I feel it is my duty to help guide you when it comes to what is great for sitting down and having a coffee in, and what will actually see you through your workout without splitting, whilst still wicking, and not stretching so thinly that there’s way more on show than you expected!

So here are my latest recommendations on what I’m wearing to work out:

Gym essentials

An ode to Sweaty Betty:

I’m a big fan of Sweaty Betty. It’s not a secret. Whilst I was studying at University I worked in Sweaty Betty Canary Wharf part time, partly to help fund my student lifestyle, but mostly for the staff discount. They have always produced quality products, and they somehow keep getting better. For a small chested lady like my, these compression sports bras are absolutely the best. They keep everything in place, and with no clips, buckles or straps I find it uber comfortable. The material is sweat wicking and draws the sweat away from your skin, so you don’t feel like you’re exercising in a fountain of your own sweat! A must have if you like high intensity exercise without the added bounce.

Sweaty Betty Bum Sculpting leggings

These Zero Gravity Crop Running Leggings are perhaps my favourite leggings ever. Not only are they so comfortable you’ll forget you’re wearing them, but they have some kind of secret bum lifting ingredient* (*unconfirmed but I’m on to them!) which makes me feel amazing in them. And from the compliments I’ve had whilst wearing them, I believe others would agree! Plus, I’m told the pattern is totally of the moment, so they practical and on trend.

Sweaty betty bra and bottoms

As a little side note – they deliver to Bahrain, and they do it really quickly. Within 5 days kind of quick!


The accessories:

Apple airpods

Lately the amount of times I have flung my (expensive!) iPhone onto the floor is ridiculous. My headphone cable gets caught on something during my workout, and before I know it – PING and CRASH! Not cool! So the Apple Airpods have taken away my need for concern. My phone is safely on the side and out of the way of my workout, but I’m still getting all the motivational music benefit. I was at first concerned the pods would fall out, but this never happens, unless I accidentally hit them out. The sound quality is great and I can get all around the gym without losing connection to my phone in the corner.

The little extra:

Lush cosmetics Roots hair mask

You may have noticed I like to wear my hair in a bun, a lot. I’m all for productivity and getting the most out of my time. So, before I work out I’ve been putting Lush Cosmetics Roots hair mask in my hair, to help strengthen and repair a lifetime of damage. It smells amazing, and after my post workout shower my hair feels soft and looks shiny. Whatever is the product of your choice, this is a great way to let your hair repair whilst your body trains. Send your hair some love and treat it to a workout mask today!


So that’s what I’m wearing to maximise my workouts. I would love to hear what you are currently loving to wear for your workouts, including any accessories or beauty tips to have us all feeling like our body has been truly treated once our workout is over. Drop me a comment or an email and share the love : )

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