Wholefoods Haul | What I stock up on when I’m in the UK

There are many joys of living on a small island in the Middle East (Bahrain) – sun, sea, and sand to name but a few. Access to the latest superfood powder or must try ingredient, however, is not one of them! So whenever I’m back in the UK I like to stock up on a few items that I can take home with me and experiment with. Here I’m showing you exactly what I purchased on my latest visit to Wholefoods…. Just in case you were wondering what to bring me ; )

If you want to see just what I got on my Wholefoods (and Holland & Barrett) haul, then check out my video:

If you’re after a brief run down, here is what I got and why:

  • Of course, I stocked up on the large size Pip & Nut Almond Butter, because, quite simply, I love it and I eat it! I also decided to be frivolous and try their Hazelnut, Coconut and Chocolate Butter… I have since tried this and will stick with the plain butters in the future as I prefer them!
  • I always top up on Cacao powder. This is the closest form of ingredient you can get to the cacao plant (the father of chocolate) that you can use in your cooking, and it boasts many health benefits – antioxidants and iron to name just two!
  • I’ve been wanting to try Lucuma powder for a while, after a friend shared a raw chocolate recipe with me that I am yet to try. So wait out for my opinion on that!
  • I’ve also been on the lookout for a source of protein that wasn’t derived from dairy (whey and casein are the two proteins in dairy products) so I went for this Hemp Protein with flaxseed, pea protein, pumpkin protein, bio-cultures, vitamin D and Co-Enzyme Q10 (needed for cell growth and maintenance). This is a source of complete protein, meaning it has all the essential amino acids our body needs to get from external sources. So far I’d say it has little in the way of taste, so adding to smoothies/yoghurt/other blended things is great!
  • I needed to stock up on Whey Protein, so went for a brand I haven’t tried before, Purition. I decided to go for chocolate flavour so I can add it into my snack ball recipes. It’s low in sugar, only sweetened with Stevia, and is high in fibre with added nuts and seeds. So far the jury is out on the flavour – I wouldn’t really say it is chocolatey, but I can taste the stevia. It is very bitty, with the nuts and seeds not fully ground, so if you like a bit of texture to your bland protein shake then this is the one for you! I don’t mind it so much actually. Again, added to smoothies it is fine. I will soon be doing a comparison between the plant based and whey based protein, and the effects I find they both have on training and muscle gains… so stay tuned for that!
  • Venturing out of Wholefoods and into Holland & Barrett I finally got my hands on some Bee Pollen! Bee pollen is actually a good source of protein and vitamins, and looks great on snack balls and yoghurt mixes : ) It has a slightly more tangy flavour than honey, and I’m not sure yet whether I like it!
  • And of course a visit to the UK would’t be complete without a visit to Paperchase, because who doesn’t need motivational tupperware and lunch boxes?! ; )

If you’re an expat and love stocking up on key ingredients before you return to your home away from home, I’d love to know where you go and what you get. And if you know of any new superfoods that I must try, then comment below and I’ll check them out. The hubby will be in the UK soon and of course I can send him there with a list ; )



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