How to fit in working out when you’re abroad

Just last week I took a trip to Oman, and decided that I would do as much as I can to enjoy the amazing landscape whilst still trying to stay on top of my training.

Having fun with handstands in beautiful places!

If you incorporate the scenery into your training it is easy to create a challenging outdoor workout, and you’re still exploring the country you’re visiting. Here’s what I did:

Hill sprints: If you’re surrounded by some challenging terrain, use it! Running up and down steep hills is a sure way to torch calories, activate your glutes and have an all over burn! These hills were at the Ras Al Jinz Turlte Reserve where we went to do some turtle watching.


Mix up your workout: We decided to have handstand competitions in the sea with the waves beating down on us, and also in the pool to see how far we could walk under water on our hands. After just a few times of doing this I felt it in my abs… sometimes when you’re having fun it doesn’t have to feel like a workout! Handstands in the sea

Enjoy the scenery: We practiced yoga on the beach, and on the hill side. Taking a moment to be calm and appreciate the beauty around me was such a comparison from when I was in military training in Jordan and Canada – there was no time to stop and stare whilst training, so now there’s nothing I like more than striking a few poses under the sun whilst taking in all that is around me.

Yoga on the mountain wall

Of course there was also a couple of trips to the gyms on offer at the places we stayed, where I managed to lift some weights and sweat a bit more, but there’s nothing like getting outside and using what is there to make an exciting and varied workout.

I would love to know what you do to stay fit whilst travelling, so comment below or get in touch on twitter!

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